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About Us

South Shore Bay Bikes is Fire Island's premier bicycle rental service.

In 2019, we launched as a way to connect the island's most popular communities, Ocean Beach and Ocean Bay Park. Now in our fifth summer, we provide a means of transportation that is human-powered and free of any time constraint. Whether for an hour or a week, simply text us at 631-438-8433, pay via Venmo or PayPal, and we will send you the combinations to unlock our premium beach cruisers.

Bicycle Gate

Taking in the view on Gale St. Seaview, NY

Our service is designed to give you the freedom you need to explore Fire Island's beautiful scenery. Whether you just visiting for a day, or setting up for the week, we have the means to get you wherever you need to go. Search for your favorite spot or stumble upon a new one.


Fire Island's communities are each a world of their own. Our lightweight cruisers are there to provide the wheels for: 

  • A scenic ride along the Great South Bay 

  • Last minute scrambles to catch a sunset on the water

  • Dinner at one of the island's many great restaurants

Corneille Boardwalk
Fire Island Lighthouse Logo Depiction
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