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2. Sign in with your mobile number or email.

You'll receive a confirmation code via text message.

3. Select South Shore Bay Bikes as your system

That really cool logo designed by local artist JT Harris. Click it.

4. Enter your payment info and select a plan

Our Bikes are available for half hour rentals. $12 for your first half hour and $7 for every half hour after that. Perfect for a commuter.

There is also a plan for $12 an hour that is perfect for exploring.

5. Scan the QR code on the handlebars to unlock your ride

Press the stop button in the app and manually engage the lock at one of the approved parking zones to end your ride.


1. Once you reach one of the designated parking racks please back the bike into the rack.

Press the stop button in the app and manually engage the lock. Make sure to loop the tether through the bike rack and then put the other end loop through the ring lock to secure it to the rack.

2. Wait for the app to register that you locked the bike.


3.Enjoy your destination 

Call or Text 516-652-0548 with any issues. Dakota or Scott will be back to you shortly.

1. Download the Bloom Bikes app for free on the app store or google play.

Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled.

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Ending Your Ride

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