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Frequently asked questions

Where are the bikes located?

You can find the bikes tethered to racks at the east end of town in Ocean Beach on the corner of  Bayview Walk and Surf View Walk. The other parking stations are located at the Ocean Bay Park ferry terminal and The Fire Island Beach House.

Why isn't the lock opening?

The lock is powered by Bluetooth so make sure it is enabled on your smart phone to ensure the Bloom Bikes app functions properly.

What app do I get?

The Bloom Sharing app is available for free on the apple app store and the google play network. Search Bloom Bikes and join South Shore Bay Bikes to get started.

How can I make sure I get a bike?

You can reserve a bike in the app for up to 15 minutes before your ride. You are able to view the location of bikes in the app as well.

How many bikes can I rent?

You can only rent one bike per device. However your credit/debit card can be linked to more than one account


How do I lock the bike?

Press the stop button in the app to end your ride. Wait five seconds and engage the lock manually by sliding the button on top of the lock to secure the metal bar through the back tire. Please make sure to put the loop of a Bay Bikes tether through the ring lock as well to properly secure the bike to the parking rack

Where can I ride?

Bikes are available for riding everywhere between Ocean Beach and Ocean Bay Park. You should be aware of all village and hamlet laws. There is no bicycle riding on Bayview Walk (Main St.) in Ocean Beach after July 4th. You are more than welcome to walk your rental through town. Below is a link to important village laws.

What plans are available?

Our half hour plan is our most popular for short trips. You are charged $12 for your first half hour and $7 for every half hour after that. We now offer longer term plans including 3 day, 7 day, and seasonal rentals.

Common Bug Fixes 


Make sure your bluetooth is on. 

Restart the app by swiping it away and opening it again.

Wait 5 seconds after reopening the app in case your wireless networks service is slow in that area.

Text or Call 516-652-0548 with any issues. Dakota and Scott will be back to you shortly

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